MSc in Polymers and Composites

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MSc in Polymers and Composites

Eindhoven University of Technology

MSc in Polymers and Composites

Polymers and Composites is a special Master's track. This track will possibly become an independent program in the future with an own diploma and degree. At the moment this track is formally part of one or more master's degree programs.

The Master's degree program in Polymers and Composites will train you to become chemical engineer with a high level of professional expertise in the field of polymer chemistry and technology.

Depending on your own preferences you will be able to specialize in a specific subject within the research field by means of electives, your final project and the industrial internship of your choice. You can also opt to broaden your knowledge in polymers and related fields. The program also includes attention for social developments and issues.

Development of new materials

Polymers are widely used as alternatives for natural materials. Their characteristics are a low density, the ease of processing and designing, and the ability they offer to integrate various functions or properties in a single material. On top of that, polymers are in general very low-priced. For these and other reasons polymers are so widely used today for the most diverse applications such as packaging, protective coverings, insulation materials, clothing, furniture, building materials and in the biomedical field. As a polymer chemist or technologist you will work on the development of new materials, in which both the synthesis and the processing into the final product with the desired combination of properties are of great importance.

Graduation Options

Research focuses especially on the synthesis of new polymers and supramolecular materials, and the design and characterization of polymer structures. In addition a lot of emphasis is placed on modeling the development of these structures, and studying the relationship between the structure and properties of the material. The ultimate aim of research is to be able to implement the optimum method of synthesis and processing of new polymers and polymer systems for new applications.

Three graduation specializations are possible within the Polymer Science and Technology research profile:

• Polymer Chemistry - In this specialization research is focused on radical polymerization, controlled radical polymerizations of nanostructures by means of emulsion polymerization, step-growth polymerizations and new catalytic routes to macromolecules from basic raw materials.

• Polymer Technology - This topic focuses on reactive processing, morphology and properties of polymers, optical and conductive polymers, and nano-composites.

• Coatings Technology - In this research area one works at the development of waterborne coatings, powder coatings, scratch-resistant coatings and the improvement of the adhesion of coatings to metals.

After Graduation

After the special Master’s track in Polymers you will be well prepared for a varied career. This degree will give you a wide range of options in the labour market. For example you could work as a researcher, research leader, process/product engineer, environmental consultant, policy officer or teacher. Many managers in the chemical industry also have a background in chemical engineering.

In the business world you could take up a position that makes use of your organizational, co-ordinating and leadership skills. Governments also employ large numbers of chemical engineers, for example in environmental departments, water boards and in healthcare. In addition, many of our graduates can be found in design and patent bureaus.

Before you start a professional career as a chemical engineer, you could opt to follow a postacademic program, for example by carrying out doctoral research for four years or following a two-year designer’s program.

Duration & Price
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Start date
Sept. 2016
2 years
Full time
1,672 EUR
Start date Sept. 2016
Netherlands Eindhoven
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Duration 2 years
Price 1,672 EUR
per year; €12,500 for Non-EEA students