MA in Sociology

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Program Description

MA in Sociology

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The Department of Sociology offers a full M.A. program with requirements of theory and methods and a broad range of electives. Two program tracks offer the student maximum flexibility in pursuing academic and career goals. The general M.A., which includes a thesis requirement, is designed for those who are interested in pursuing a general education in sociology as well as developing research skills and those considering the pursuit of a PhD. in sociology in the future. The M.A. with applied emphasis is designed for students who wish to relate a general graduate education in sociology with more specific skills or substantive interests. Rather than writing a thesis, an additional six hours of coursework is coordinated with the student's advisor to provide an individualized program of study. The coursework may include classes in other graduate programs such as public administration, education and criminal justice. All course work for the Master of Arts degree in sociology may be taken on the Colorado Springs campus, although students may, at their option, take up to 8 credits of appropriate and approved courses at the Denver or Boulder campuses. Admission to the M.A. program at Colorado Springs, however, does not relate to admission to the graduate programs at Denver and Boulder.

Admission Requirements

Application for admission is made online.

Students are required to submit a complete application by the deadline dates. A complete application includes an application, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended by the student. If an applicant does not have a complete application submitted by the deadline date, their application will not be considered for admission. It is the applicants responsibility to contact the UCCS Sociology program to determine if a conmplete application in on file.

Admission as a Regular Degree Student:

To be admitted as a regular degree student, an applicant must have:

  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university or have completed work equivalent for such a degree and equivalent to the degree given at this University
  • An undergraduate overall grade-point average of at least 3.00*
  • Adequate preparation to begin graduate study in sociology
  • Show promise for advanced study and research, as judged by the applicant's previous scholastic record
  • Applicants with lower GPA may be considered with strong Graduate Record Exam scores. The GRE exam is not required otherwise.

Statement of Purpose

As part of the application process students are required to write a statement of purpose. It is required that the statement of puropse have one inch margins, double spaced, 12 inch font and be at least two pages long. Students should strive to write a persuasive statement of purpose that makes an argument that the applicant is an ideal candidate for the UCCS Sociology program. The following are suggested content: the statement might identify why an applicant desires to study Sociology and explain which areas (theory, research methods, or substantive areas) they want to focus their studies. The document could also show how achieving an MA degree for the UCCS Sociology program fits with personal and professional goals. An applicant may also identify which faculty they would want to take courses from and explain why. If a potential student is interested in developing research skills to become a stronger Ph.D. applicant, they could identify which faculty they want to work with.

Transfer Credits

No more than eight (8) semester hours from other accredited institutions or in non-degree coursework may be transferred toward the master's degree in Sociology at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. All transfer credits must be cognate to Sociology and approved by the Sociology Department and the Graduate School by the beginning of the semester prior to that in which the student will graduate. All transfer credit hours must be graduate credit hours and completed within six years of the start of course work. If a student completes a graduate course at another institution and wants to transfer the credits into the UCCS Sociology program, the course term for the transfer credits at the other institution is considered the start date of course work. Work done earlier will not be accepted for the degree unless validated by a special examination covering the content areas of the course.

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