Integrated Digital Media, MS

New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering

Program Description

Integrated Digital Media, MS

New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering

The explosion of iPhone’s app store, Facebook, podcasts, Wii, Twitter, and user-generated content sites like YouTube signal the 21st century’s decisive triumph of digital media over analog. Scholarly theories have paralleled their meteoric rise, as has the creation of academic programs claiming authority in the field of new media. Still, few of those programs unite theory and practice the way NYU Engineering does.

That blend of theory and practice defines our MS program in Integrated Digital Media. It’s what we mean by “integrated” — the powerful combination of cutting-edge technology, creative mastery, and critical thinking. As the second oldest private institute of technology in the country, we know how to support such a mix, and we hope you take advantage of our expertise and resources. Just take a peek at our Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC) and the CITE Game Innovation Lab to se the exciting work we're developing.

What To Expect

Full-time and intensive, our program consists of 3 consecutive semesters, including a major creative/research thesis project. Its course requirements are manageable, but you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time working on projects outside of class hours. That’s because our curriculum pairs hands-on production work with studies of the historical, legal, and philosophical influences that affect digital media. You’ll take these lessons and apply them to team-based projects, since digital media productions are often the result of multiple collaborations.

We particularly emphasize content-driven design, planning, and creation in these projects, and you’ll find our facilities and strategies geared towards top-of-the-line portable equipment. Eschewing capital-intensive studio setups, this approach lends our labs flexibility to offer the latest technologies while preparing our students for freelance assignments and/or their own start-ups.

Conferences and guest scholars supplement the curriculum, allowing you to develop relationships with industry leaders in various sectors of the field, from business and advocacy to service, entertainment, and education. "Literate practitioners," or those with some proficiency in the tools of the trade, who are prepared to make the most of their personal resources are best poised to maximize our offerings.

Admission Requirements

Candidates are selected for their demonstrated ability and motivation. From the best applicants, we choose a group with a mix of experience and skills that will maximize opportunities for the kind of team work and learning characteristic of media professionals. You must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. We do not require GRE scores but will admit applicants based on an interview and review of previous work.

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Start date
Sept. 2017
3 semesters
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Start date Sept. 2017
USA Brooklyn, New York
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Duration 3 semesters
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