Computer Engineering, MS

New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering

Program Description

Computer Engineering, MS

New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering

Computer engineering makes it possible for us to telecommute from home, check our e-mail on the go, and videoconference with clients from around the world. But laptops and information networks aren’t the only products computer engineers develop; they reconstruct genomes, design robots, and conceive software to make businesses more efficient. That’s just the spirit of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship — or i2e — that we support.

At NYU Engineering, we want to place our students at the forefront of the telecommunications, networks, and microelectronics industries. The MS program in Computer Engineering gets you there. By teaching you the principles underlying the design and integration of computer components and systems, we make sure you have a base from which to launch improvements in the field.

Our collaborative relationships with industry and government agencies help you reach your potential. By taking part in this valuable exchange, you gain practical experience that adds to in-class explorations in a number of critical areas — everything from VLSI verification and testing to embedded systems design and computer architecture.

Professional Opportunities

The MS program in Computer Engineering equips you with the tools and experience to pursue self-directed research towards a doctorate. It can also serve as a terminal degree for those who want to work in a non-academic setting. Many fields are open to our students, including information technology, computer design and engineering, operating systems and networks, computer architecture, and software applications, among others.

Goals and Objectives

We want our students to meet current and projected needs of various organizations in the metropolitan New York area and beyond. Upon completion of your studies, our goal is for you to:

  • Hold specialized knowledge in one of the primary sub-disciplines of computer engineering, or to achieve a broader familiarity across a number of sub-disciplines;
  • Possess the analytical and technical skills to design both general purpose and application-specific computer hardware;
  • Have gained exposure to state-of-the-art computer engineering techniques and technologies, including the latest computer architectures and design styles; and
  • Continue on a path of lifelong learning in the computer engineering field.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the MS program requires a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science from an accredited institution. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be considered individually for admission and may be admitted after you have completed courses that remove preparation deficiencies. Examples of such courses include logic circuits design, state analysis and synthesis techniques, computer architecture, data structures and algorithms, and C or C++ programming.

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Sept. 2017
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Start date Sept. 2017
USA Brooklyn, New York
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