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Agricultural Engineering

Latvia University of Agriculture

Master in Engineering - Agricultural Energetics

One of the most important sources of citizens’ well-being is manufacturing therefore arrival of new specialists at producing industries is an important pre-condition for the country’s sustainability. These are highly qualified specialists who apply their knowledge and skills in inventing various devices and mechanisms for the improvement of production technologies as well as build houses, connect the banks of rivers, solve specific engineering communication issues making the environment more comfortable and functional. The higher education has a significant role in providing the necessary knowledge, educating knowledgeable and capable engineers in various spheres of economy, integrating modern production technologies in the study process, promoting competitiveness of engineers in the local and international market. Technical Faculty welcomes students who are keen on technologies and innovations. After graduating the University they will have good knowledge in agricultural production and production processing modern technologies, autotransport and energy usage as well as in designing and manufacturing of advanced technical machinery. The graduates of the faculty are highly demanded specialists for the national economy. Th study process is conducted in up-to-date training laboratories in the supervision of professional teaching staff and guest lecturers using traditional as well as modern and even avantgarde teaching methods and study materials. So-called "Mehu dienas" organized each year by the faculty’s student self-government and supported by faculty’s graduates are very well attended and broadly recognized in Latvia.

Tuition fee per year: 3000 Eur

Dear applicant! - you need to take into consideration following payments:

  • application fee of 155,00 EUR (single non-refundable payment)
  • accommodation rental fee of 120,00 EUR per month (non-refundable) + deposit in amount of two further months rent (refundable)
  • tuition fee according to chosen study program (refundable, if visa has been rejected).

All payments made to the University, must be approved by sending an electronic copy of the bank confirmation of payment to International Cooperation Centre.

Master Study Programme in Engineering for incoming students (amount of programme 120 ECTS or 80 KP)

Compulsory courses A (36 ECTS)

  • 1 Philosophy of Science
  • 2 English for Master Students
  • 3 Modeling of Systems' Dynamic
  • 4 Engineering Research
  • 5 Computer-aided Measuring Systems
  • 6 Fundamentals of Logistics
  • 7 Study of Patenting
  • 8 Computer Graphics for Energetics

Total: 24 KP, 36 ECTS Compulsory and elective courses B (34.5 ECTS) Specific theoretical courses (compulsory)

  • 1 Alternative Energetics
  • 2 Energy Carriers and Energy Resources
  • 3 Energy Economics in Agriculture
  • 4 Conformity and Certification of Electrical Equipment

Restricted elective courses

  • 1 Reliability of Electrical Devices
  • 2 Automatic Systems Simulation
  • 3 Automatic Controllable Electrical Drive
  • 4 Power Supply for Rural Objects
  • 5 Special Course in Heat-Power Engineering
  • 6 Design of Microcontroller Systems
  • 7 Automation of Technological Processes
  • 8 Project Engineering
  • 9 Transport Engineering Service
  • 10 Intelligent Technologies and Systems
  • 11 Ergonomics and Industrial Design
  • 12 Quality Assurance Systems

Elective courses C (3 ECTS)

  • To select from LAIS system

Practice (9 ECTS)

  • 1 Research in Agricultural Engineering

Final Examinations (37.5 ECTS)

  • 1 Master Thesis

Total: 120 ECTS, 80 KP

This school offers programs in:
  • English

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Start date
Sept. 2017
2 years
Full time
3,000 EUR
Start date Sept. 2017
Latvia Jelgava
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Duration 2 years
Price 3,000 EUR